Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Those Boys, Those Boys

What am I supposed to do with THIS?
This was all his doing!
I have to keep my eye on him, he's already making goldfish and baby powder bombs in the dining room.
My boys have been teaching me alot about how much boys differ from girls.  The things they find fascinating were not at all fascinating to my daughter.  However, she got into her share of mischeif when she was their age.  But, I have to say the goldfish and baby powder incident caught me completely off guard.  Although, this incident was not all as it seemed as I entered the dining room early that Friday morning.  As I soon found out, after I took one look at my oldest son who blurted out "Jaiden spilled the goldfish crackers!".  He continued with "look what I did, Mommy", in an overly excited tone and huge grin on his face.  He was certain that I would absolutely love what he had just accomplished.  That morning happened to be MOPS at the church and I had decided to "utilize the latrine" before quickly heading out the door.  Obviously that was no longer possible since I had to clean the table, floor, and my child.  But, as I began to attempt at cleaning the baby powder off his face and hair he said, "no Mommy, don't take it off I want you to leave it on me".  So, without cleaning his clothes, face, or hair I led them out the door and into the car.

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  1. Lol. Been there before. U ail be able to laugh about it one day.